Top T- Shirt Textile samples 2010 – 2015

Over 10 years of creating designs for textile T-shirt production in the garment industry. Proudly producing client’s ideas to a printed garment on thousands of prints across many industries.

Fluent in Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop to produce designs for production level reproduction, I’m also knowledgeable in specific production software i.e. Wings Embroidery, G-code and the Stoll M1 Weaving suite.

Additionally I support using many common office programs Word, Excel, Access, and the full suit of Google Drive tools the find solutions to resolve many of your printing woe’s.

2010 – 2015 Textile Sample Catalog

These include many business, school, and sports education programs in the New Orleans Jefferson Areas of Southeast Louisiana. Designs were produced and separated for textiles from 2010 – 2015.

All Designs were done remotely within 24 hrs. Designs were delivered both for press and proof, with plate for separated ready to RIP printing plates, if signed off on the proof composite.

Top T-Shirt Textile Samples

Front Print 2015

Top T-Shirt Textile Samples 2014

Front Print 2014

Top T-Shirt Textile Samples 2013

Flat Print 2013

Top T-Shirt Textile Samples 2012 

Front Print 2012

Top T-Shirt Textile Samples 2011

Flat Print 2011

Top T-Shirt Textile samples 2010

Front Print 2010