Skill Sets

My skill set is constantly growing to meet today’s entrepreneur & business development need to reach consumers.

As business’s promotion & online requirements expand, PYOG remains dedicated to expanding our development arsenal to provide a wide array of computing solutions. Any visual idea from 3D simulations and web demonstrations to branding websites brochures, business cards, and garment decoration we strive reduce limitations to vision and create actionable solutions with measurable results.

Providing solutions in new and emerging branding areas including on Social marketing, Interactive media and video content. We are committed to bringing out your specific vision and define a full exposure game plan to grow your audience and consumer base. From unique graphics, branded solutions, to action plans in social marketing to gather more eyes to your product or service.

Offering consulting, website solutions and software development.


Software Development

Developing Software in various languages

  • HTML5 /CSS3,
  • PHP / mySQL,
  • Ruby, Rails
  • javascript, JQuery
  • python
  • nodejs
  • Git,
  • Angular js
  • C++, C#
  • Objective C, Swift
  • WordPress themes, plug-ins, Front end, Back end, Full Stack

    Project tasks

  • Photo retouching / Vector conversion.
  • Website Page Template design.
  • 24 hour Website Live
  • Website Redesign.
  • Landing Pages / Online Ads and Banners
  • Mobile Responsive Development.(Bootstrap)
  • Data Base Development / Management.
  • E-books creation / Online pdf
  • Website statistics and analysis(Google analytics suite)
  • Internet Marketing PPC( Google AdWords) / IN-Stream video (Youtube ads)
  • Social media development strategies in online marketing Facebook Instagram, snapchat

Print, Garment, and Digital Asset Creation


  • Website Maintenance.
  • 3D models & Simulations.
  • Flash/Interactive Games.
  • Logo Animation 3D animation.
  • Email Marketing Statistics and Analysis.
  • Page Layout
  • T-shirt Design
  • Custom Logo Design
  • Trade Show Kits
  • Media Kits
  • Photo retouching / Vector conversion

Hardware Support

  • Game platforms.
  • Mobile platforms Android / IOS
  • Programable Controller Logic Boards
  • LED Lighting
  • 3D Printing / Scanning
  • Audio / Video Presentation Setup
  • Video Projections / Augmented reality
  • VR Simulation Equiptment.
  • Hand / Power Tool Use

Professional Training Overview :


Focused Training

  • Working in computing since 1995
  • Self developed in HTML5 / CSS3
  • Self developed in FLASH
  • Self developed in Adobe Photoshop (Photo editing)
  • Self developed in Freehand /Adobe Illustrator (Vector design)
  • Self developed in Wings2k (Embroidery)
  • Trained in Textile Screen Printing
  • Worked as Production Art Director
  • Trained in Audio / Visual Technician
  • Trained in  Laser cutting & etching
  • Trained in Internet Technologies
  • Trained In Network Infrastructure
  • Trained In OS Platform specifics
  • Trained In Programming C++
  • Trained in PHP / MySQL
  • Developed Course Material XNA
  • Self developed in 3D modeling
  • Self developed in 3D texture mapping
  • Self developed in 3D animation
  • Self developed Adobe Premiere / After Effects (Video editing)
  • Self developed in Programming Java
  • Self developed in Programming Python
  • Trained in International production
  • Developed Over 10 Websites
  • Produced thousands of prints for T-shirts production
  • Trained in Vinyl Production
  • Trained in Vinyl Vehicle Application
  • Self developed in WordPress CMS (Plug-ins, rewrites, themes)
  • Self developed in Broadcasting
  • Self developed in Linux Distributions
  • Degree AAS Computer Science
  • Self developed in Building Unreal4 engine games
  • Interested in 3D printing
  • Interested in IC programming