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Large Projects & Multimedia


Software Training

Website Development

  • $50 Basic WordPress website setup on supplied Server and Domain.
  • $200 Design logo up to 5 revisions.
  • $40 each Web Banners & Headers.
  • $100 Web programming PHP or javascript per single custom feature.

Website Training Support Subscription

  • $20 Per monthly retainer paid in advance.

Payment schedules as follows :

Phone and Online WordPress Website Support

  • $240 – 12 month paid Annually (discount $40 annually, only $200 annual support includes additional support hours fixed @ $25 per hour max 5 hour per week. Additional development assignments also include 20% discount. per assignment.)
  • $120 – 6 month paid every 6 months  (discount $10, only $110)
  • $60 –   3 months paid every 3 months  (Minimum Support)

Support Includes 1st hour of WordPress site support for sites I have setup per month of Phone and Online counseling. Web Support is guidance & training only this support to help new site owners acclimate to the web platform and develop the ability to maintain their own website independently. The Support Technician  doesn’t touch much, or actively work on the site after initial setup, their role is to guide the client through each process.

Monthly Subscription support hourly rate of $20 per first hour and consecutive hours are $30 per hour after first hour support per month.

1st hour (60 minutes) support is included with a paid subscription, Support hours are cumulative and are deducted from client’s monthly credit pool. Subscriptions 1st hour resets on 2nd of the month fractional minutes of the first hour are dropped. Additional paid credits are credited to the next month.

Upon client’s initial contact for support, the Support Technician may choose to resolve a client’s issue At the Moment or set an appointment noting the issue to resolve for a later time that day or otherwise at the client’s discretion. Support is traditionally handled through scheduled appointments for walk throughs of tasks and may be deferred for call back up to 4 hours later in the same day or set for a specific appointment, with consideration for time required by the task, and set a day and time for the appointment. Scheduled appointments are first come first serve for allotted time available in a week.

At a Moment quick support when available is a minimum 0.15 minute deduction per call, regardless of length of time for support task and is at the discretion of the Support Technician unless, Emergency Support Service is required.

Missed appointments are credited 0.5 hours to client’s subscription for our fault and 1.0 hour for a no call. Additionally deducted 0.15 hour at clients fault for missed appointments. Deviation of scheduled appointments is 0.05 minutes.

Website Project Assignments

Pricing is for Website Support Subscriptions

Assignments per asset

  • $200 Design logo up to 5 revisions.
  • $40 each Web Banners & Headers.
  • $100 Web programming PHP or javascript per single custom feature.

$40 Per hour 
Project Assignments are if you assign features to be built.
Any Programming, Scripting, Website modifications, Layout, Design or any work assigned to us to accomplish the end result. Any assigned work must include a detailed outline submitted in writing that includes any expected due dates. Additional + $10 per hour if under 7 day lead time to deadline or beyond 3 revisions of the same feature due to project scope or frequent parameter change requests.

$60 Per hour

Emergency Service Stop and Fix your Issue Now!
Immediate support to fix your problem. Emergency Support services are not part of the subscription time credits and are charged separately.

Large Scale & Multimedia Projects

Any projects expected to exceed the following criteria : Games, large websites, or that require a realtime interactive response.

  • 120 graphic assets
  • 13 weeks development time
  • 30 individual features

Large projects will need to be negotiated in advance. Specific consideration to billing, payment schedule, timeline and milestones of project defined in writing.

On-site In Office Support is negotiable, terms & requirements must be defined in advance in writing. Payments due on leaving site daily unless otherwise contracted.


Printed Graphics : Vinyl Application

  • $25 per graphic up to 1′ • 3′ + $10 per additional sq. foot

Printed Graphics : T-Shirt Garments Impression Design & Separations for silkscreen.

  • $100 Design from concept max 4 revisions.
  • $40 Additional service – design made ready for print from supplied min. 200dpi graphic 1st color Additional $10 per color produced
  • $200  Custom Illustration per. draft.

Multimedia Graphics :  Photo-editing, Vector Layout Design & Production Graphics

  • $40 per hour Photo editing,  merge photo collage, color correction, Aged restoration.
  • $50 per Page Layout, Menu, & Brochures
  • $40 per Banner & vehicle wrap graphics

Multimedia Graphics : 3D Modeling, Scenes & Animation

  • $200 per project scene (max 20 objects)
  • $100 per 10 sec Animation Rendered 30fps 4k
  • $40 per hour House Plans Architectural visual  plans and renders
  • $350(per 300 sqm. ) existing building or structure recreation in 3D Simulated & fully interactive environment. Virtual Reality (VR) options are available.

Multimedia Graphics : Post Video Editing

  • $200 Software Broadcast & Recording Rig Setup On-Location
  • $50 per hour per 30 sec of content post production.
  • $40 per hour Burn down compressing for publishing.
  • $100 per session to assist in production of video content.

Hardware Support

  • $200 Built PC to specifications to perform specifics tasks (Gaming, 3D rendering, Calculation, Server.)
  • $100 PC Problem onsite troubleshooting.
  • $40 Replace PC parts RAM, HARD DRIVE, cards, etc. On-site
  • $50 Minimum Offsite Repair, includes pickup and delivery.

Payments for Printing, 3D modeling, Graphic assets and all other single assignments are paid 50% after consultation on agreed scope, 25% at proof phase, and 25% at submission. Terms are max net 15 days from submission, unless otherwise contracted for specific payment terms for additional contracted assignment services.

Payments & Billing for Website Development, Support Services, and Large Projects
All accumulated hours will be due in the next monthly support payment or net 30 days whichever is soonest from my submission. Additional Hours of Services  paid in net 15 days receive a 10% discount on these additional services for that month. Interest will be charged on overdue payments. Overdue penalty fees will incur 12% interest or maximum allowed by law whichever is less, penalty is applied monthly from 10 days after initial unreceived payment is overdue.

Cancelation of Website Support Service Subscriptions must be in writing and received 30 days before end of existing service term or next payment due date whichever is soonest.

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