Interests, Curiosities, & Experiments

Experiments & Interests and worthy causes.

UNREAL Engine 4

Through the broad toolset provided by UE4 I learned to provide complete interactive 3D solutions for PC, Mobile devices, and Virtual Reality. Worked to build a workflow to build custom environments, AI scripting and working test builds for Windows 10, Android, and Samsung VR.


Twitch Broadcasting System 

Developed a complete interactive system to broadcast and display chat with the GNU OBS. Designed animations, for chat triggers for donations and interactions. Developed a scenes and layouts for instant shot settings.

Alice 2.0 Programming for teachers, children, & students through 3D environments and storytelling. 

Developed a student based approach to adult learning of the Alice system for children. Built & demonstration material for the education of children in a class room environment. Developed a system of divided tasks in order to build on cooperation rather than competition of stories.


Training in Blender 3D GNU (open source) Modeling, Animation, Sequencing, Game, and Simulation production suite.

Training material and sessions to develop construction environments for industrial safety simulations. Professional training novice to productive in modeling, scene layout, motion key faming and output.


Hacking the (original )wii hardware.

This project was focused with the intent of running personal developed games on the wii hardware. Using available online resources to discover libs that tied into appropriate hardware channels to allow access to running third party software. Developed several small programs to sort controller input per game, resize for screen, and expanded on work on infrared camera in the Wii remote head pong. based on work of Johny Lee Wong 

Using the Wii-mote as a PC performance tool for Photoshop, After Effects, and 3D modeling in Blender 3D.


Projection (On a budget)

Using a CRT 15″ monitor and a fresnel lens built a projector to display a 10 foot screen on a wall for area presentation in a fighting game tournament. Couple years later I evolved the design for a second tournament using a overhead projector and an transparent LCD screen to project a 12 foot screen to the audience.