Inspirational People & Ideas

People who bring motivation to ideas.

Financial & Social Media Leaders

Grant Cardone 

Billy Gene Is Marketing

Gary Vaynerchuk

Randy Pausch

Last Lecture fame, Alice Project, Great person and pioneer pushing the boundaries of technology in Virtual Reality and for teaching and developing new virtual experiences.  An inspirational person, one I to strive to keep a similar mindset for achieving personal goals and just being good. Success comes mostly through failure, and the brick walls are there to prove how bad you really want it !

Tupac Amaru Shakur

American Artist consumed by strife of his art and the plight of the African American community after decades of community addiction and loss of opportunity. Raised by a the driven activist 2Pac maintained a single minded conviction to succeed by “Any Means Necessary”. An absolutely revolutionary thinker, passionate to expose the atrocities of a “T.H.U.G. L.I.F.E.” reality in the land of the free.

Philip Zimbardo

Behavior Scientist of Stanford Prisoner Experiment, Discovering Psychology PBS, and many other studies of why people behave in uncharacteristic ways. Overall an mesmerizing presenter and experimental researcher who dares to find some answers we as humanity may not want to be exposed. This may also be an isight into how we base our moral realities one those around us. People acting in role unbecoming the personality in order to gain perceived value for acting true to the role without personal responsibility .

Steve Wozniak

Original developer of hardware for apple computer who’s insight saw a new toy people would love to play with connected to their TV.

Nicola Tesla

Developer of the AC current who also originally designed radio transmission. Driven with a desire to bring electricity to the world through wireless receivers to bring energy to everyone.

Viktor Schauberger

Studies transmission of energy through water’s natural movement. Awe inspiring insight of how the simplest things have such complex systems in nature.

Bruce Lee

Breakout Chinese star with less the 6 total films. Mr. Lee took his insight for man in motion to develop a revolutionary style of martial arts and made roads for some Chinese philosophy to become broadly known and followed.  His quote from an early interview “Be like water my friend, ever Changing ” sets haunting tone, simple yet, profound.  

Albert Einstein

An odd fellow with the insight to see light as matter and re-define the notion of gravity, mass and energy. A boldness of conviction we recognize even today through wild hair and a exposed tongue yet, its a shame how few in todays age of technology can truly fathom his actual relevance to humankind and his contributions.

Jack Ma

Dreamer, Teacher, & Internet pioneer of China’s first internet IPO. Talented, committed individual over all good guy who lives his life to create opportunity and help people share ideas.

Uwe Boll

Controversial Film Director who started late in life to bring his unique view to his movies. An unapologetic artist thats strives to make people think about each person connection to the human condition rather than accepting the role placed upon us.

Films that will make you think.

  • Waking Life 2001 Richard Linklater
  • The Red Pill, 2017, Cassie Jaye


And many other amazing people I have yet, to discover or long since forgotten.