An Artistic Developer History

Michael “X” Selleck (Developer / Designer / Tinkerer)
My career began early on with my affinity for creating comic book style illustrations and storytelling in comics. I learned to storyboard and use perspective drawing, with a focus on character design. Specifically drawing the human body & faces. This lead into art career with an interest in creating mythical beings, pin-up models, and the classic cyber punk circus freak style characters. Thus began my journey into design. 


I became addicted to computing after attending a friendly internship in San Francisco, at a new design studio “Smoke and Mirrors” with full access to working on the Macintosh after hours. The studio worked  to bring the vision of a 3D Rick Griffin rock art museum to the web using netscape. I spent the Summer in awe at the work being done. This introduced a young artist to the versatility of the computer as a tool to create vivid ideas, and the fire was ignited.


Over the next few years I spent many hours in the pursuit of a mastery over the use software & hardware to create ideas from an initially blank screen.

Finally I landed a job in production one of my first positions was as card slitter and next into an offset printer. While working in offset printing this allowed me to learn business production, stock management, printing embossing techniques, stock cutting, PMS color matching, page layout, use of heavy machinery and order fulfillment.

Initially developing a few small websites in HTML as I learned the advancing field. First developing with Macintosh OS and moving into DOS, and Windows as needed for testing due to irregularities between the 2 main rendering engines available in the late 90’s. Doing designs by securing freelance work, building menus, T-Shirts and business cards as I learned Photoshop and Freehand.


From my growth on web design and various projects I developed solid Photoshop skills that lead to a position in textiles. Originally I came on as a trainer in the design software, Photoshop & Corel, then continued on as a part of the team as a screen-printer.  Rapidly I developed into Art Director position responsible for all printing and embroidery produced designs. Learning embroidery digitizing through brute force and under fire. My skills in design really took off as they were pushed daily as I was tasked to recreate top styles & trends for local playgrounds straight from catalogs. This mimicking leaders of textiles design & technique drove me to excel.
Garment design required a high level of project management and production considerations to achieve fast customer turnarounds on strict deadlines. Vector Freehand / Illustrator quickly became a better software solution for scale, modification, archival size of projects.

This and other implemented protocols to file management and cataloging lead to an 50% increase in production and an produced time savings in reorders.  During my time here the company expanded from a strip mall location to the constructing a custom building to support the increased production by over 200% in 4 years, producing over 300 designs annually.

Daily duties included

  • Creating all designs from requests
  • Submit Proofs for revision re-creating
  • Preparing any design for production
  • Preparing final separations for screen printing or digitizing for embroidery. Daily duties also included managing press times and production setup of complex jobs. 

Producing technical designs for many Orleans, Jefferson and surrounding Parishes schools & businesses. While there I developed a affinity for converting children’s drawings into reproducible designs. Each design has the child’s own pen-marks incorporated into the print on their school’s shirt designs.


Achieved High School Diploma

Shawna Atkins 2006 Gallery website
Shawna Atkins 2006 Gallery

Developed Shawna Atkins Gallery website

Followed a textile recruiter’s advice to a position in Madison, North Carolina to work for an international company.

Liberty Textiles, 4th largest textile production in  North America, 2004 Impressions Magazine. Serving global companies in production, like Nike, Haddad, Disney, Adidas, and various other top brands. So, obvious NDA, sorry NO samples.


My position was as Technical Designer of the research & development team. Focusing mainly on pattern style recreation, ink type protocol and develop processes used for designs, to be consistently produced in an international manufacturing environment. This allowed me the experience to work with a full assortment high-end specialty inks and application processes for flocks, foils, and discharge inks. This required ensuring each design must follow established standards. While there, I took the opportunity to work with many advanced tools of the trade available on-site, ie,  laser etcher, and direct to garment sublimation printing. Unfortunately this global business collapsed in only 11 months  after I joined their team. I am still in friends with many of those colleagues to this day.


This prompted me to move my career away from garment decoration and toward interactive media. I dedicated myself to obtaining computer science degree at the closest college with a focus on development. While in school I also was exposed to a number of extracurricular projects with one of the instructors and leader in his field and author, Rick Leinecker. One project he was involved, introduced me to the framework mobile app development on iOS, in Objective C. Where we produced an IOS application for local  manufacturer Remington.
IOS Sportsman’s Challenge

Another project I was able to assist on was developing course material for programming in C# for xbox 360 and XNA indie platform on my suggestion and guidance. That lead to the students gaining a better understanding of of programming and managing assets. As these independent projects progressed in scope the need arose to develop more skills in 3d mesh modeling, UV mapping, and animation rigging to develop custom assets for the interactive environments in the game.


Achieved a Degree in AAS Computer Science

After graduation I found a position freelance computer support training in Photoshop for a start-up gallery, that became a full web design project. Flash animations, web surveys  and 3d simulations for fall arrest safety equipment. After devoting a many months developing assets and building the project. I moved back to the New Orleans area to be near family and reestablish roots.

Once home to Nola I reconnected with businesses I’d worked with previously and instantly and thankfully acquired their full workload of Garment design responsibilities & projects.
Delivering a daily design schedule for press with a nearly 24hr turnaround on nearly any design submitted. While time consuming the design jobs sharpened my use of Illustrator daily yet, It didn’t meet the increased cost of relocating back to New Orleans permanently just yet so, I developed a consistent system to service the orders remotely.

Additionally I held a position in a vinyl decal production company in post production, application prep and removal. Where I witnessed the ins and outs of output on large format plotters, digital scoring, and lamination. While there I also participated on many printed vinyl applications and removals from vehicles wraps, signs & decor.


LFP mesh fall safety suit “eagle” 3d mock up
Noticing a demand for the WordPress framework blogging CMS. I devoted some time to unravel this exploding paradigm of CMS and web development. After returning to NC,  to spend some dedicated time acting as Chief Technology Officer on additional product development and computer support at a local start-up with an addition fall arrest system this new product will be revolutionary. Working to develop a manufacturing hub in Stoneville, NC for producing a bleeding edge mesh garment uniform, while redefining OSHA standards for safety at elevation.

3D Project Outline


LFP 2012 WordPress site revision
Full product illustration, concept modeling, animation, website, simulation, and brochure. This also gave me the opportunity to invest time with the 1on1 Stoll M1 weaving machine trainer for production of garments machine.  This machine was amazing to program for and watch produce a full garment ready to wear check out the machine –> !

2012 – 2014

Once that project ended, I worked actively to refine Wordpress as I designed sites for nearly anything and everyone.
  • Friend has a table at the swap meet, website.
  • Artist Shawna Atkins refresh website
  • Friend likes to promote artist, website.
  • Game fan site, website
  • Giveaway marketing sponsor, website
  • Local Business Custom Woodworking
  • B.A.R.E. Naked 5k run website
  • Get Out and Go Play ground locator site website


Back home to New Orleans developing my way in the Unreal4 Game engine to create various VR environments. demos unpublished


Many more T-Shirt designs and a new website, for a local Nola JuJizzle musical artist.


Updated skill attended 5 week Operation Spark JavaScript Boot-camp. Worked with functional programming in javascript, jQuery, Github, and a shared IDE. This also introduced me to .node lib app framework.


Latest Projects

Website Support

  • Gator’s Den Casinos
  • Pelican Cove Casinos
  • Mobile Marketing Trends