Welcome to the personal tour of Projects of Michael Selleck Digital Designer / Interactive 3D VR Developer for the (Play Your Own Game) PYOG Studio.


A wise man can learn more from a foolish question than a fool can learn from a wise answer. -Bruce Lee

 PYOG Offering Consulting and Full development services from the Greater New Orleans Area. at home in Nola

Available for freelance projects, I enjoy networking with other coders, designers, entrepreneurs and business to grow ideas into products. Perpetual student in IT and all thing computed.  On a quest to understand to an extent how technologies are used as tools as well as engage audiences through integration of Social media platforms to interconnect ability between people to collaborate. 

Sample Business Card

Open to full time, or long term contracts on projects. Also open to remote / onsite support positions in design & software development. My goal is always to serve the project and ensure measurable results for businesses looking to connect with users online and build an audience.  

Thanks in advance for stopping by, I hope we can work together develop your plan and product to engage more customers and bring more value to peoples lives.

I mostly assistance with :

  • Photo retouching, layouts, logos and designs.
  • Print and Digital services & T-shirts print promotional material.
  • Programming website modifications and scripts.
  • WordPress Custom theme and PHP development.
  • Angular websites, brochures apps, web apps and report services.
  • 3D simulations, Presentations, Games, and game assets.
  • Interactive projects & Virtual Reality Games.
  • Develop Social media marketing content and action plans.

Also offering Training in all of the above services.

Previous site for local R& B artist Jujizzle.com
3D Diner – Asset

Always seeking to build on emerging technologies and bring it to the designs. The aim is to provide a bleeding edge experience with functional feature set. An attempt to provide users the next level indispensable value.

My goal is to develop simple solutions to complex problems using WordPress, and an array of other tools. The focus of my work has been on assisting non-profits, entrepreneurs, small businesses, and individuals develop visions into reality and provide training to maintain these solutions.

From print media, menus brochures and business cards to digital websites or interactive games and assets. This can all be done in-house to achieve quick results required to build the next product demo, presentation, and software to keep your audience engaged clients of your commitment dedication to service.

Complete Stack Development.

Skill Sets

My skill set is constantly growing to meet today’s entrepreneur & business development need to reach consumers.

As business’s promotion & online requirements expand, PYOG remains dedicated to expanding our development arsenal to provide a wide array of computing solutions. Any visual idea from 3D simulations and web demonstrations to branding websites brochures, business cards, and garment decoration we strive reduce limitations to vision and create actionable solutions with measurable results.

Providing solutions in new and emerging branding areas including on Social marketing, Interactive media and video content. We are committed to bringing out your specific vision and define a full exposure game plan to grow your audience and consumer base. From unique graphics, branded solutions, to action plans in social marketing to gather more eyes to your product or service.

Offering consulting, website solutions and software development.


Software Development

Developing Software in various languages

  • HTML5 /CSS3,
  • PHP / mySQL,
  • Ruby, Rails
  • javascript, JQuery
  • python
  • nodejs
  • Git,
  • Angular js
  • C++, C#
  • Objective C, Swift
  • WordPress themes, plug-ins, Front end, Back end, Full Stack

    Project tasks

  • Photo retouching / Vector conversion.
  • Website Page Template design.
  • 24 hour Website Live
  • Website Redesign.
  • Landing Pages / Online Ads and Banners
  • Mobile Responsive Development.(Bootstrap)
  • Data Base Development / Management.
  • E-books creation / Online pdf
  • Website statistics and analysis(Google analytics suite)
  • Internet Marketing PPC( Google AdWords) / IN-Stream video (Youtube ads)
  • Social media development strategies in online marketing Facebook Instagram, snapchat

Website Development by PYOG

Working in HTML5  / SCSS, PHP / MySql, javascript, C++, C#, swift, java and Ruby on Rails to design custom websites. Recently added Angular, nodeJS, and MongoDB to develop single page responsive apps.  Each of the following sites have been completely developed pixel to bit by an individual developer. All graphics and scripting was done in house. All sites use a custom WordPress themes, and plugins. Backend mostly on the WordPress CMS framework for easy user support.

Site Demos and Products

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Top T- Shirt Textile samples 2010 – 2015

Over 10 years of creating designs for textile T-shirt production in the garment industry. Proudly producing client’s ideas to a printed garment on thousands of prints across many industries.

Fluent in Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop to produce designs for production level reproduction, I’m also knowledgeable in specific production software i.e. Wings Embroidery, G-code and the Stoll M1 Weaving suite.

Additionally I support using many common office programs Word, Excel, Access, and the full suit of Google Drive tools the find solutions to resolve many of your printing woe’s.

2010 – 2015 Textile Sample Catalog

These include many business, school, and sports education programs in the New Orleans Jefferson Areas of Southeast Louisiana. Designs were produced and separated for textiles from 2010 – 2015.

All Designs were done remotely within 24 hrs. Designs were delivered both for press and proof, with plate for separated ready to RIP printing plates, if signed off on the proof composite.

Top T-Shirt Textile Samples

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Resume / CV

Here is my a visual of my CV.

Latest 2018 CV



2017 pdf resume CV for Design & Web Development

Letter of recommendation “Rick Leinecker